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Office IT Hardware Disposal, What Legally Needs to Be Recycled?

By Chris Keenan

Published 02/28/2021

Places to recycle IT hardware and computers near me

It might be a scheduled upgrade or computer hardware failure, or maybe just a corporate clean out that causes you to replace your business’s IT and computer equipment.  The bottom line is, at some point your business computers will need replacing.  When that time comes, you’ll probably start looking for companies that provide corporate IT hardware disposal services.  However, do you really need a company to pick-up and recycle or your business’s old and unwanted corporate IT hardware?  The answer might surprise you.

Technically, if corporate IT hardware is broken, badly damaged, well-worn or working but obsolete you really should call a corporate IT hardware disposal company to come pick-up and recycle your e-waste.  IT hardware is classified as toxic waste due to the deadly materials used in its construction.  That means legally you will be prosecuted for failing to dispose of your corporate IT hardware correctly.  However, if there’s life left in those old corporate computers, flatscreen monitors, company laptops and office printers you don’t always need to recycle them.

Office computer and IT hardware recycling companies near me

A lot of business owned IT hardware has a second-hand value.  The second-hand sales tag for desktop computers, laptops and servers for example can be increased further with a simple clean and basic refurbishment.  Obviously, you don’t have the time to sort through your old corporate computer hardware and work out what to refurbish and what to recycle.  Most companies use IT asset disposition businesses (ITAD businesses) to manage the disposal of corporate IT hardware.  Just to confirm, there is a legal responsibility to have your corporate IT hardware disposed of responsibly but providing the disposal and data protection laws are adhered to you can choose to sell or donate IT equipment instead of recycling it.  Using an ITAD company will make the process of corporate IT hardware disposal hassle free and painless.   Furthermore, ITAD companies have to be fully certified and accountable, so when your business uses an ‘ITAD corporate IT hardware disposal company’ to dispose of your ewaste (either through selling, donating or recycling) you get legal certified proof of the process.

Of course, selling old corporate IT hardware keeps it in use, which is one of the best forms of recycling.  With that in mind, you don’t need to sell second-hand corporate IT hardware to reuse it.  You can always donate it? The YBC ITAD corporate IT hardware disposal program has a charity service that refurbishes and donates computer equipment.  The YBC ITAD corporate IT hardware disposal service can also resell your old IT hardware and gift the profits to a charity as well.  The YBC corporate IT hardware disposal program currently supports the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, a charitable organization that provides college scholarships and educational counseling to children who have lost a military parent in the line of duty.

Eventually, all corporate IT hardware becomes too obsolete to resell or gift, when this time comes it will need to be disposed of via recycling.   In terms of what actual corporate IT hardware needs to be disposed of via recycling please see the following list:

The YBC IT asset disposition disposal service for corporate IT hardware accepts all of the above items a more.  If your business needs to arrange a pick-up to dispose of its corporate IT hardware please contact the YBC ITAD team today for help:  908 431 0090 or email

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FAQ’s relating to Corporate IT Hardware Disposal

What’s the cost for corporate IT disposal?

The cost for corporate IT disposal is kind of a strange formula, typically the value of the equipment has to outweigh the cost of freight, so it also depends on how far away the equipment is from the ITAD corporate IT disposal facility and the details of the logistics behind it, such as ‘is it a skyscraper in Manhattan, with after hour pickup requirements, and a certificate of insurance needed, and union labor required etc etc.’ Typically, a couple dozen contemporary laptops that actually work, and can be resold tend to cover the costs of corporate IT disposal.

Places near me that pick-up or accept and dispose of old corporate IT hardware?

The YBC ITAD corporate IT hardware disposal removal team pick up from the Tri-State area including NJ, NY, CT, NYC and Long Island. In addition, the YBC IT asset disposition and computer disposal team pick-up corporate IT hardware that needs to be recycled from the Tri-State and the following States: California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington DC and every other State in the US. The International YBC ITAD removal and recycling team collects corporate IT hardware for disposal from Canada and Europe mainly but also services multi-national companies with centers of operation around the world.

What is classified as corporate IT hardware disposal?

Corporate IT hardware disposal is technically classified as electronics recycling, though terms such as ewaste, electronic waste or e-waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices such as office computer equipment. Pretty much all used corporate IT hardware which are destined for refurbishment, reuse, resale, salvage recycling through material recovery, or disposal are also considered e-waste. This includes: cpus, pc equipment, desktops, pc towers, laptops, tablets, phones, printers, copiers and data storage systems (servers and hard drives).

What is the best way to dispose of corporate IT hardware?

How to dispose of old computers and other company hardware is really simple. Firstly, backup your data from all your old computers, laptops, servers, etc. Then have the YBC ITAD data destruction team wipe your hard drives. Thirdly, decide if you’d like to donate, resell, or recycle your corporate IT hardware. Lastly, request certification that your IT hardware has been disposed of in accordance with State laws. If you are unsure of anything or if you don’t understand computer disposal certification please consult with the YBC ITAD team about the regulatory standards concerning corporate IT hardware. The YBC ITAD team will also give you all the information needed to contact accreditation and regulatory bodies.

Business IT hardware disposal near me?

The YBC ITAD corporate IT hardware disposal and recycling program is a Nationwide service. This means wherever “NEAR ME” is? The YBC ITAD removals team will be there to help dispose of your business computer equipment. It’s worth knowing that searching for a company that can dispose of your corporate IT hardware using a search engine and the term “corporate IT hardware disposal near me” can have dire consequences. Many of the advertisements are from small companies who are oblivious to the liabilities involved with giving equipment to anyone. Companies need to be indemnified against their retired IT hardware showing up in the wrong places, serial numbers can always be traced back to the original purchaser. To dispose of your corporate IT hardware correctly please contact the YBC ITAD team today.

The YBC IT asset disposition service will pick up and recycle the following business IT hardware: office printers, company phones, business tablet computers, office PCs, corporate laptops, desktop computers, servers and IT hardware - call the YBC ITAD computer removal and disposal team at 908 431 0090 or Email Us or use the form above CLICK HERE


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