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Corporate Computer Disposal Laws

By Chris Keenan

Published 02/28/2021

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The laws governing the disposal of corporate computers apply to all computing devices not just business desktop computers. For example, the same laws applicable to corporate computer disposal also govern disposing of corporate laptops, company android and apple devices (e.g., mobile phones and tablet computers). In fact, the laws regulating how corporate IT hardware is disposed of go as far to include even non-computing devices such as office printers and photocopiers.

In essence there are two main areas of law that regulate how a corporation disposes of its computers and IT hardware. The first area of law is rooted in the regulations responsible for toxic e-waste management. It might be hard to believe but those used corporate computers awaiting disposal are actually classified as ‘TOXIC WASTE’. Obviously, your old corporate computers aren’t toxic to the people using them, so don’t slide them of the desk and kick them out the office just yet. Business computers, in fact all electronics contain materials and chemical elements hazardous to life if ingested or absorbed. So as long as you’re not chewing on your keyboard you should be ok using a computer. However, when it’s time to dispose of your company PCs you can’t dump them with the regular trash. Corporate computers awaiting disposal must be recycled by a certified e-waste recycler. The YBC ITAD corporate computer disposal service is fully certified to collect and dispose of all IT hardware. For help call 908 431 0090 or email

The second area of law regulating the disposal of corporate computers is based in data protection and your rights to privacy. This pretty much means the first thing to do before the corporate computer disposal process begins is to have all the computer hard drives wiped. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to sit there all day wiping hard drives. Even just 5 or 6 old office computers awaiting disposal could take forever to wipe properly. This is where you need to contact an ITAD company for help. ITAD companies collect computers, remove their hard drives and use specialized hard drive wiping equipment. Hard drive wiping is an easy enough thing for an IT asset disposition (ITAD) company to do, the YBC ITAD corporate computer disposal service is equipped to dispose of thousands of corporate hard drives a day. YBC will even provide onsite hard drive shredding if needed. For more information call the YBC ITAD corporate computer disposal team at 908 431 0090 or email

corporate computer disposal companies near me

Companies Most Effected By Corporate Computer Disposal Laws

It’s important to mention that all businesses have to follow the laws and regulations relating to corporate computer disposal. However, there are some businesses that are extremely vulnerable to prosecution. Some rulings have resulted not just in hefty fines but, believe it or not, in the imprisonment of the individuals responsible. For example, companies and firms that deal with accounting, banking, insurance or offer legal practices really need to ensure they dispose of their old corporate computers correctly. This is because legal firms, insurance companies, banks and accounting firms deal with highly sensitive information that if breeched can cause catastrophic problems. Call centers are another type of business that are at high risk if they fail to dispose of their corporate computers and IT hardware equipment correctly. Call centers and customer support centers work with ‘personally identifiable information (PII)’. PII is one of the most legally protected data classifications in the USA. Perhaps not surprisingly, data centers are at high risk of prosecution and really need to ensure their servers and data storage systems are disposed of legally. Data centers provide cloud storage solutions that can be filled with just about every type of data. Many of YBC’s data center clients use onsite hard drive shredding to ensure maximum security when disposing of their corporate servers and data storage systems.

Corporate Computer Disposal Services

The best way to protect your business from e-waste prosecution laws relating to corporate computer disposal is simply to have your old company pcs recycled. Recycling corporate computers ensures your company is 100% compliant with e-waste disposal laws relating to commercial IT hardware. Using the YBC ITAD corporate computer disposal program to recycle your business cpus means you will enjoy a seamless, stress free solution. The YBC ITAD team will pick up and remove any corporate computers awaiting disposal, they will also wipe their hard drives and fully recycle them for you. The YBC ITAD service is R2 certified, State authorized and fully Permitted. In addition, the YBC corporate computer disposal service is ISO accredited and holds the highest BBB rating (A+). For help opening an account or to learn more about the options available for disposing of your corporate computers call 908 431 0090 or email or use the form below:

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FAQ’s relating to Corporate Computer Disposal

What is the cost for corporate computer disposal?

The costs for disposing of corporate computers can range between TOTALLY FREE and comfortably affordable. It’s rarely an expensive process. The main costs for disposing of business computers arise from; the logistics (i.e. pick-ups, removals and shipping), data destruction services (e.g. onsite hard drive shredding, disk wiping), storage (computers awaiting disposal need to be securely stored before they are recycled) and of course the manpower needed throughout the process of disposal. There are other costs that tend to arise from your preferred disposal method, for example you might decide to ask your ITAD company to donate your business’s computers or resell them for you. YBC always aims to provide a corporate computer disposal service for a net negative cost. To find out how your company might qualify for free corporate computer disposal call the YBC ITAD computer disposal team at 908 431 0090 or email

Is recycling corporate computers the only way to dispose of them?

A good IT asset disposition company will provide three or four alternative options for corporate computer disposal. Naturally, recycling corporate computers is the best way to ensure all e-waste and data protection laws are complied with. However, the YBC ITAD computer disposal team can also buy or sell your business’s decommissioned corporate computers and IT equipment. The YBC ITAD computer disposal team can also refurbish and donate your old corporate computers to a charity. Furthermore, if your company leases its corporate computers the YBC IT asset disposition service can refurbish and return all the old computers that have reached the end of their lease term.

Are IT asset disposition companies the only companies capable of providing corporate computer disposal service?

An IT asset disposition company or ITAD business for short is not the only company that can provide corporate computer disposal services. However, ITAD businesses are considered to offer the most responsible and professional methods for disposing of used and no-longer wanted corporate computers and IT hardware. ITAD companies provide environmentally friendly, socially responsible, legally compliant computer disposal. Furthermore, an ITAD company such as YBC will aim to remove the costs resulting from disposing of retired / replaced corporate computers. Eco-friendly, CSR driven, free computer disposal has to make the YBC ITAD service one of the best options.

Is there a list of corporate computer disposal companies?

There are very few corporate computer disposal companies that provide a nationwide service and as a result there is no definitive list of companies or businesses that dispose of corporate computers and IT hardware. There are however several good ways to locate a business that offers a computer disposal service near you. Step 1. Go to a popular search engine. Step 2. Type in the following search: 3. Click the resulting organic link and use the YBC corporate computer disposal app to dispose of your old corporate computers and business IT hardware.

Top 10 corporate computer disposal companies near me?

A list of the top 10 computer disposal businesses simply starts and ends with the Brand of your computer. There are many computer brands that have a voluntary take-back program. For example, businesses such as Lenovo offer environmentally sound product reuse and recycling programs as part of Lenovo’s support of a more circular economy. The reality of corporate computer disposal through brand take-back programs is a major hassle for many businesses. Trying to sort out all your old computer hardware into brands and then doing the hard drive wiping and shipping is just a stress many businesses could do without. That’s why most businesses looking for a corporate computer disposal service just want a company to takeaway everything (old computer screens, office printers, old laptops, PCs and TABLETS). That’s why the YBC ITAD computer disposal programs are so popular. With YBC your organization just needs to pick up the phone and all of your corporate computer disposal needs are taken care of!

The YBC ITAD corporate computer disposal solution is created to help your business recycle the following: office printers, company phones, business tablet computers, office PCs, corporate laptops, desktop computers, servers and IT hardware - call the YBC ITAD computer removal and disposal team at 908 431 0090 or Email Us or use the form above CLICK HERE


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