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By Chris Keenan

Published 03/01/2021

FREE computer recycling offer

All commercially used IT hardware gets replaced at some point. When the time comes to have your old business computers and IT hardware picked up and recycled your company could benefit from a TOTALLY FREE IT HARDWARE REMOVAL SERVICE!

Disposing of old office desktop computers, company laptops, mobile devices and even the office printer has a cost. The money needed to purchase removal trucks, employ drivers and the removal team is just the tip of the iceberg. When you stop to think about it a corporate computer recycler also has the expense of permits, accreditations, secure computer storage, data destruction centers and recycling facilities. Add to this the cost of equipment, staff and everything else that goes with running a computer disposal business and you might end up asking yourself just how do computer recyclers manage to stay in business?

The truth is, most computer recycling companies charge a fee to collect and recycle your old business computers. With that in mind, if you’ve just got 10 or 20 old computers to recycle it hardly seems worth paying for a computer disposal truck to do a pick up. However, if you have an account with YBC more often than not you can arrange to have your old computers collected for disposal with financial impunity no matter the quantity.

Free computer disposal pick-ups are made possible if the computer equipment you need to dispose of has a good resell value. Authorising YBC to resell your old computers and laptops can usually balance out the cost of removal, data destruction and recycling any items that hold no resell worth. The YBC IT Asset Disposition team are highly experienced in recovering value from old computers. Items such as laptops and desktop computers can more often than not be cleaned, refurbished, data wiped and sold. Reselling retired computer hardware often helps companies to achieve a ZERO COST computer disposal solution. Furthermore, reuse i.e., keeping old computer equipment active is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of disposal. Recycling equipment often means using chemicals and smelting methods to reclaim the materials, by keeping retired IT hardware in use (via selling or donation) the recycling process is delayed and excessive consumerism is reduced.

For help and to find out if your business qualifies for FREE computer hardware removal and recycling please call the YBC ITAD team today at CLICK HERE

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The YBC I.T. asset disposition service covers every make, model & manufacturer.

Recycle corporate laptops.

Recycle Laptop Computers

The following list shows the most commonly recycled ‘work place’ laptops that the YBC ITAD service disposes of:

  • Recycle business laptops
  • Recycle governmental laptops
  • Recycle laptops used for R & D
  • Recycle office laptops
  • Recycle sales team laptops
  • Recycle support team laptops
  • Recycle field engineer laptops
  • Recycle medical laptops
  • Recycle company laptops
  • Recycle corporate laptops
  • Recycle legal firm laptops
  • Recycle call center laptops

Click here for more information about recycling business laptops and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Recycle business pcs and computer hardware.

Recycle Office Computers

Listed below are the most commonly accepted computers that the YBC ITAD disposal solution removes and recycles:

  • Recycle workstation computers
  • Recycle desktop computers
  • Recycle tower computers
  • Recycle office computers
  • Recycle call center PCs
  • Recycle support team pcs
  • Recycle work computers
  • Recycle medical computers
  • Recycle company computers
  • Recycle corporate computers
  • Recycle business computers
  • Recycle customer center PCs

Click here for more information about recycling business PCs and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Award winning server recycling service.

Recycle Servers

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted computer servers YBC disposes of via recycling or reselling:

  • Recycle business servers
  • Recycle Cloud servers
  • Recycle data center servers
  • Recycle server room hardware
  • Recycle proxy server
  • Recycle mail server
  • Recycle server platforms
  • Recycle web server
  • Recycle application server
  • Recycle office server
  • Recycle ftp server
  • Recycle works servers

Click here for more information about recycling business servers and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Recycling service for I.T. network equipment.

Recycle Network Hardware

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted IT hardware YBC disposes of via recycling or reselling:

  • Recycle network cables
  • Recycle routers
  • Recycle repeaters
  • Recycle hubs
  • Recycle switches
  • Recycle bridges
  • Recycle gateways
  • Recycle wireless hardware
  • Recycle firewalls
  • Recycle modem
  • Recycle controllers
  • Recycle network hardware
  • Recycle I.T. hardware

Click here for more information about recycling IT hardware and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

FREE recycling for all android and apple smartphones.

Recycle Cell Phones, Mobile and Smartphones

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted telephones YBC disposes of via recycling or reselling:

  • Recycle Android smartphones
  • Recycle Apple smartphones
  • Recycle Samsung smartphones
  • Recycle Blackberry phones
  • Recycle Windows smartphones
  • Recycle smartphones
  • Recycle business smartphones
  • Recycle business phones
  • Recycle company smartphones
  • Recycle work phones
  • Recycle mobile phones
  • Recycle telephone systems

Click here for more information about recycling business phones and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Where to recycle used company office computer equipment?

Recycle Office Computer Equipment

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted office computer equipment collected & disposes of:

  • Recycle office workstations
  • Recycle office docking stations
  • Recycle office servers
  • Recycle computer monitors
  • Recycle LCD & LED screens
  • Recycle printers
  • Recycle photocopiers
  • Recycle external hard drives
  • Recycle keyboards & mice
  • Recycle UPS
  • Recycle iPads & tablets
  • Recycle server room equipment

Click here for more information about recycling office computer hardware and the latest disposal prices.

FREE data destruction

Digital Data Destruction Hard Drive Disposal

The following overwrite and degaussing standards are compliant with NIST 800-88 & available at YBC:

  • US DoD 5220.22-M
  • CCE & VS
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • FACTA standards
  • US Army AR380-19
  • US Air Force SSI 5020
  • US Navy SOP P-5329-26
  • US NCSC TG-025
  • 25k Degauss flux
  • & more…

Click here for more information about digital data destruction and the latest wiping and shredding prices.

Table computer recycling.

Recycle Android and IOS Tablet Computers

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted tablet computers YBC collects & recycles:

  • Recycle Apple iPad
  • Recycle Galaxy Tab
  • Recycle Surface Pro
  • Recycle HP Elite
  • Recycle Business iPads
  • Recycle company tablets
  • Recycle mobile devices
  • Recycle Thinkpad
  • Recycle Computer tablets
  • Recycle PC tablet
  • Recycle work tablets
  • Recycle business iPads

Click here for more info about FREE recycling for business tablet computer.


Who offers a free electronic recycling pickup?

Your business may qualify for the free pickup and recycling of all your office electronics (IT Hardware, computers, etc.). Please do not dispose of your office IT hardware and computers with the regular trash. Business computer equipment such as desktops, laptops, servers, network hardware, tablets, phones and printers are classified as toxic e-waste. This equipment must be picked up by a certified computer recycling business with the correct authorization to recycle your business’s electronic equipment. To arrange a pickup of your office computers, company laptops and other electronic equipment please call the YBC computer scrap removal team.

Is there a free e-waste pickup near me?

If your business is located in the USA YBC may be able to arrange a free e-waste pickup for your old, obsolete, retired and decommissioned IT Hardware (e.g.: business desktops, corporate laptops, tablet computers, office IT equipment and telephones). Find out if your company qualifies for the free pickup and recycling of your old computer equipment, call YBC today 908 431 0090 or email

How do I find a free computer recycling pickup service near me?

If you are looking for a free computer recycling pickup service near to your location please consider the YBC ITAD computer removal and disposal program. This environmentally friendly computer waste pickup service has been designed to help your business to recycle its old computer hardware in accordance with State and Federal laws. YBC prides itself on helping local, national and International businesses to maintain their CSR policies in line with EPA guidelines and governmental legislation. The YBC free computer waste pickup service is subject to the IT hardware you need removed and recycled. Please contact the YBC ITAD team to see if your business qualifies for a free computer waste pickup.

Who offers a free business computer and IT equipment disposal service?

If your business is about to replace / update its information technology infrastructure and you are looking for an I.T. asset disposition partner to manage the removal and disposal of your retired computer hardware please contact the YBC ITAD department for help. YBC specializes in managing corporate computer waste, offering a removal and recycling program that provides an eco-friendly disposal solution for workplace computers and office IT hardware. YBC will pick up and recycle everything from office printers to racks of servers, laptops, workstations and business computers in general.

How do you get rid of old work computers?

Your options for getting rid of old work computers and business IT hardware boils down to disposal via recycling, reselling or donating. Reselling old computers brings the accounting department into play. Equally, donating old computers can be an administratively demanding option. This leaves you with getting rid of old computers via recycling. It is fair to say that simply having your old work computers picked up and recycled is by far the most effortless way to dispose of old computer e-waste.

Free pick up and disposal offer for recycling your business's office printers, company phones, business tablet computers, office PCs, corporate laptops, desktop computers, servers and IT hardware legally. For the FREE removal of your IT hardware please call the YBC ITAD computer removal and disposal team today at 908 431 0090 or Email YBC ITAD or use the form above CLICK HERE


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