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By Chris Keenan

Published 02/26/2021

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The 2020 global pandemic tested the strategical planning and capabilities of every CIO, IT director and manager across the World. The monumental task of equipping the ‘home based’ work force caused such a high demand for ‘home office’ computer devices that a global shortage of laptops and home printers arose. Of course, one of the biggest challenges was ensuring secure connectivity, i.e. making sure we could all privately connect with our co-workers and securely access the data and software needed to perform our duties. Incidentally, the pandemic has created such a high demand for secure conferencing software, that the web conferencing market is expected to reach $10.46 Billion by 2027.

As a result of the exceptional effort of many IT professionals, it has now been proven beyond any shadow of doubt, that the majority of office-based functionaries can work successfully from home. All technical accomplishments to one side, from a psychological point of view some people work better from home than others. There are studies emerging that show some people work obsessively from home because without a boss hovering over them they feel they need to overly prove their productivity to justify their employment. It is also fair to mention there are some people that just can’t “switch off”, and sit there working day and night in their PJ’s. Neither profile is a model for a healthy life work balance.

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It transpires that leaving home is the best way to work from home. I don’t mean leaving forever, I mean it’s well known that getting out and having a walk around is one of the best cures for work induced cabin fever. It’s not always that simple though, the tedium of getting out and traipsing through endless streets, walking by one house after another, visiting tiny parks filled with dogs doing their daily ablutions is more than enough to give you a SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder). That’s why many home workers are now upping sticks and leaving the urban areas for a life in the countryside. For these individuals, work is intermixed with hikes in the hills, relaxing dips in the sea and ending the day with spectacular sun sets. Sounds like the perfect life work balance doesn’t it, but what happens to all those home office laptops, computers and printers when they reach the end of their life-cycle out there in the wild?

Working in a centralized office made it easy for the IT department or facilities manager to arrange the pickup and disposal of all your old business computers. However nowadays, with millions of people working from home, an IT removal and disposal service would need to make countless, individual residential pickups. Add to this the fact that people could be working from anywhere, the logistics and security ramifications soon mount up to a pending nightmare. That said, all is not lost. YBC is offering two solutions to help manage the disposal of your home office IT hardware. Firstly, YBC can help manage and arrange for each member of staff to individually ship their old computers, laptops and office IT hardware directly to a dedicated and secure area within the YBC facility. Secondly, your business’s IT equipment storage area within the YBC computer recycling and data destruction facility is fully quarantined. This means that your IT department is not exposed to the risk of viral contamination from the multitudes of logistical shipments.

The YBC home office computer and laptop disposal service operates’ Nationally and Internationally, for more information or help with opening an account, please call the YBC ITAD computer recycling team at 908 431 0090 or Email Us or use the form below:

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FAQ’s About ‘Where to Recycle Business Computers’.

How do you dispose of old work computers?

When it comes time to dispose of your business’s old work computers, company laptops, mobile phones, office printers and even photocopiers you have quite a few good options? If your old IT hardware is in good condition and relatively modern you can always resell it. Alternatively, if you want to ensure your IT hardware is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, you can always have your old computers recycled. Or, if you are feeling helpful and your old computers are in good condition, you could donate them to a charity. For example, YBC has a computer donation program that helps to provide college scholarships and educational counselling to children who have lost a military parent in the line of duty. To sell, recycle or donate your old business computers call the YBC ITAD team at 908 431 0090 or Email:

Where do you dispose of business computers, company laptops, servers, office printers and IT hardware?

You dispose of your old office printers, business computers, company laptops and other such IT hardware with an Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) service provider. ITAD providers ensure that everything from retired office computers to data center servers are recycled, donated or resold in accordance with both Federal and State laws. ITAD providers manage every aspect of IT asset disposition and computer disposal. They manage the removal of your old computer equipment, provide hard drive data destruction services (usually wiping or shredding hard drives) and facilitate the recycling, reselling or donation of your company’s IT equipment and computers.

Who recycles business computers and IT hardware?

There are many different companies specializing in the recycling of different types of IT hardware. For example, there are businesses that exclusively focus on reclaiming the metal ‘lead (Pb)’ from old CRT monitors and there are other companies that specialize in extracting the metals from circuit boards. The truth is, there is not one computer recycling company that recycles everything in one place. When it comes time to recycle your organizations decommissioned IT hardware and computers you don’t have the time to de-manufacture (take apart) your old computers and source a recycler for each component. That’s why the best place to recycle your old computers is with an ITAD service provider. A good ITAD company will already have a tested and certified network of recyclers in place. Using an ITAD business to recycle your company computers and IT hardware totally takes the pain out of computer disposal and ensures 100% of your computer equipment is recycled fully. For help call the YBC ITAD computer disposal team at 908 431 0090 or Email:

Why recycle replaced business computers and IT hardware?

The reasons to recycle company computers and other such computer hardware that’s been replaced are numerous. However, the primary reason is it’s illegal to dispose of old computers, laptops, servers, office printers, mobile phones and just about anything with a plug in any other way than to have it recycled. This is because computer hardware is classified as toxic waste! Computers can’t be thrown-away in the dumpster or with the office trash, your company will need to have a certified electronics recycler pick it up and dispose of it for you. For help call the YBC ITAD computer disposal team at 908 431 0090 or Email:

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