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Corporate Computer Recycling Do's and Don'ts!

By Chris Keenan

Published 02/28/2021

There are more companies choosing to recycle their corporate computer equipment than ever before. Over the past 3 decades the YBC ITAD team has witnessed a massive trend towards corporate computer recycling. This is a predominant result of CIO’s, IT managers, facilities managers and office managers personally choosing to act responsibly, considerately and intelligently. We have all become more aware that the incorrect disposal of corporate computer hardware can result in environmental damage, food pollution and resource depletion. Even before it became legally mandatory to recycle corporate computers the YBC ITAD team witnessed many clients that were passionate about the environment enough to have their computers recycled. In fact, today, more clients choose to recycle their corporate computers than resell their second-hand IT computer equipment.

The common view that big corporations are destroying the planet by dumping their old corporate computers irresponsibly is just not true!

We’ve all seen news reports showing corporate computers being pulled out of toxic dumping grounds in 3rd world countries. It’s only natural to think that big multinationals have acted irresponsibly but the truth is that’s seldom the case. Most illegal dumping of corporate computers is a result of bad, irresponsible corporate computer recycling companies.

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The YBC ITAD corporate computer recycling program has been designed to help businesses, corporations, organizations and firms to recycle their corporate computers responsibly. The YBC corporate computer recycling service holds R2 certification which is often referred to as the responsible recycling certification. An R2 certified corporate computer recycling company is a company that is monitored and overseen by the R2 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). This certification helps ensure corporate computer recyclers are accountable and responsible. When your company chooses the YBC ITAD corporate computer recycling service, you are choosing to prevent the irresponsible dumping of business computer equipment, you are choosing to protect the environment and you are choosing to protect yourself you’re your company from legal prosecution.

A quick guide to corporate computer recycling.

When it’s time to recycle your corporate computers and choose a corporate computer recycler there are four main certificates to look for. Firstly, an R2:2013 or e-Stewards certified corporate computer recycler is a ‘must’ for computer disposal. Both the R2:2013 and e-Stewards certifications ensure a corporate computer recycler is part of a fully accountable chain of suppliers that all have a strong CSR focus. A good corporate computer recycling service should be R2 certified or be part of the e-Stewards program. Secondly, a corporate computer recycling company must be State authorized to recycle computers. For example, the YBC ITAD corporate computer recycling facility holds Permit# NJR000072678 which is issued from the Department of Environmental Protection. Thirdly, a good corporate computer recycling business should hold several ISO certifications. The main ISO certification to look out for is ISO 14001. This is a standard related to environmental management that exists to help organizations minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment. In essence ISP 14001 ensures a corporate computer recycling service complies with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements. The fourth thing to look for in a good corporate computer recycler is NAID membership and NAID accredited digital data destruction. Data destruction laws are very clear and failure to follow them can result in big problems.

Searching online for a “computer recycling business near me” might not be the best idea.

Corporate computer disposal is a very serious business, it doesn’t matter if you’re a small local business or a massive International company with thousands of employees, you have to recycle corporate computers correctly. Typing into a search engine “corporate computer recycling near me” and choosing a corporate computer recycling provider based on their proximity to your office is never a good idea. Most of the professional corporate computer recycling businesses don’t advertise, you will find them organically in a search engine. Take your time, look through the organic results and read their website. You are looking for a partner that has a sound history, a good client portfolio and is recognized as a professional corporate computer recycling company. For help with recycling your corporate computers, laptops, servers and IT hardware call the YBC ITAD team today at 908 431 0090 or Email Us or use the form below:

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FAQ’s relating to Corporate Computer Recycling

What price can I expect to pay for corporate computer recycling?

The prices for corporate computer recycling vairy between corporate computer recyclers but as a rule it depends on the IT equipment you need recycling. Sometimes, corporate computer recyclers will refurbish and sell items like laptops and desktops on your behalf, the profits from this can result in cancelling out the cost of recycling corporate computers.

Free corporate computer recycling?

Many people think that corporate computer recycling should be free because of the value of the metals recovered more than pay for the computer to be recycled. If only that was true, the reality is a desktop is worth just a few dollars and a laptop is worth even less. It’s amazing when you think how much a computer costs to buy originally, but then you’re paying for the R & D, manufacturing, software and shipping. The physical materials in a corporate computer are really cheap. In fairness computer recycling is only profitable on bulk. If you have thousands of computers you can make some money. So why do we do it? The truth is recycling computers saves the environment, it helps prevent pollution and it makes for a sustainable way of life.

Who buys old corporate computers?

If you are looking to sell your corporate computers rather than having them recycled then that can be just as good as recycling them. Keeping a computer in use is an excellent form of recycling. The YBC ITAD corporate computer recycling team is happy to buy your old computers or manage the refurbishment and sale of them for you. Selling rather than recycling corporate computers is commonly referred to as remarketing corporate computers.

What’s the best way to recycle corporate computers?

The best way to recycle corporate computers is via a process of demanufacturing. This is an industry term for manually taking apart each computer and in the process separating out its components. So far this is the best way to recover all the metals, plastics and glass used in each computer. Shredding computers into a fine powder is a way to reduce the labor cost of recycling computers but the recovery of materials is not as good.

Who recycles corporate computers?

IT asset disposition companies mainly recycle corporate computers. IT asset disposition is often just abbreviated down to ITAD. Performing a search for ITAD corporate computer recycling will usually provide some great organic results for companies who recycle business computers. The YBC ITAD corporate computer recycling service can help your organization to both recycle its corporate computers and wipe clean any data from your computer hard drives.

Where to recycle corporate computers?

One of the best places to recycle corporate computers awaiting disposal is an R2 certified computer disposal facility. Anywhere else and you are risking legal prosecution if they fail to recycle your corporate computers properly. The YBC ITAD corporate computer recycling service is a fully R2 certified computer disposal solution and picks up old unwanted computers from every State in the USA.

List of computer recyclers?

For a full list of corporate computer recyclers please either contact your local department of environmental protection or for the disposal of commercially used and corporate computers and IT hardware you can call 908 431 0090 or email

The YBC ITAD e-Waste pick-up disposal service has been designed to recycle your old office printers, company phones, business tablet computers, office PCs, corporate laptops, desktop computers, servers and IT hardware - call the YBC ITAD computer removal and disposal team at 908 431 0090 or Email Us or use the form above CLICK HERE


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