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Hard Drive Disposal Terms

From the 1st of March to the 31st of May 2021 YBC is offering incredible discounts for hard drive wiping and disk drive shredding. Take advantage now and have the data on your old business servers, company computers, corporate laptops, tablets & work phones permanently deleted before they are recycled, resold or refurbished for redeployment!

All YBC data destruction centers (located in the YBC computer recycling facilities) will permanently wipe clean all hard drives for FREE providing your company is using YBC exclusively to recycle your I.T. hardware (e.g.: computers, laptops, servers, tablets, phones, etc.).

For this limited time only YBC is also offering up-to a 50% discount for the physical destruction of computer, laptop & data storage (server) hard drives via electromagnetic degaussing or drive crushing. This service includes cataloguing the serial number of each hard drive destroyed. This service is performed in the YBC Data Destruction Center and is available to YBC clients only. You can freely open an account with YBC by simply calling the YBC head office at 908 431 0090 (EST 9am to 5pm).

Onsite and offsite cloud / data center hard drive shredding services are also available with substantial discounts. Hard drive shredding is preformed to NAID standards and serialized proof of destruction is one of the many options on offer to YBC clients. For more information, please call 908 431 0090 or email INFO@YBC-ITAD.COM or use the form below:

Hard Drive Disposal

By Chris Keenan

Published 03/01/2021

FREE hard drive shredding offer

How Many Ways Are There to Permanently Remove Digital Data from Hard Drives And Which Way Is the Best?

Whatever the size of your business or organization at some point you will need to dispose of old phones, tablets, laptops, office computers and servers. When that day comes you need to make sure that any data stored on those devices is utterly and permanently expunged and 100% unrecoverable. The last thing you and your employer needs is to be pulled into court for failing to properly remove digital data from a computer or mobile device. Or perhaps even worse, find that your business-critical data has been sold to your competitors. The bottom line is data falling into the wrong hands is a situation that could have serious competitive and legal consequences. That’s why you need to know your options when it comes to digital data destruction.

What Is Digital Data Destruction?

Digital data destruction is a term used within the IT industry to describe a process that destroys all the information held on your hard disk drives, solid state drives, flash drives, tapes, CDs, DVD’s and data storage systems. In other words, digital data destruction is exclusively about making every last bit of information unreadable regardless of the form of electronic media upon which it was stored. Data destruction ensures that digital data of any kind can never be recovered because it simply no longer exists.

You might think that deleting or formatting data removes it, but just deleting a file is an inadequate method of making it unrecoverable. When you delete a file on anything from a computer to a smartphone, you can no-longer see it but the information is still somewhere on the hard drive or in the memory. Proper data destruction demands the permanent removal of data so it can no longer be retrieved simply because it is no longer present.

Why Is Data Destruction Important?

Everything we do today ends up being stored on a computers’ memory somewhere. Whether our data is stored on a laptop, in the cloud or on a server in the office basement, computers hold personally identifiable information (PII), financial records, client information, project information and so much more. At the end of a computers’ lifecycle, all that data is backed-up and reinstalled onto a new computer. However, the old computer or storage system still holds your data as well, even if it’s been deleted, it’s still there. Your company has a legal obligation to ensure any sensitive data is properly removed before the device is disposed of. Put simply, if you fail to choose the correct computer disposal company to recycle your old IT hardware and they fail to wipe the hard drives it’s your company that ends up being fined millions and worse still, it’s you who could end up in jail! The importance of destroying all data would seem to be obvious, a clear-cut part of computer disposal. Though as obvious as it may seem as many as 10% to 70% (depending on the sales platform) of all second-hand hard drives sold over the Internet still hold recoverable information.

What are the things to look for in a computer recycling company offering data destruction?

Time, cost and validation are the 3 main things to look for in any computer disposal service offering data destruction. Firstly, you want a company that doesn’t mess about, as soon as the computer recycler has retrieved your old computers’ they should be straight to work removing and wiping your old hard drives. In terms of cost if your company is worried about being able to afford to get rid of its computers simply ask the computer recycler to list the most cost effective method of data destruction. More often than not YBC will be able to help your business. Lastly validation, your computer disposal company needs to provide you with proof that your hard drives have been wiped

There is a lot of information online regarding the regulations relating to data breaches. It’s worth Googling the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA), Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in Canada, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The YBC data destruction center operates to the standards set by the Department of Defense (DoD), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST (which provides very good standards for data destruction)) and the National Security Agency (NSA). For hard drive shredding YBC uses NAID certified shredders that are capable of shredding at your location.

What Are the Different Methods of Data Destruction & Which Is the Best?

There are several different methods for removing data from your hard drive. Some methods are better than others, listed below are the most common methods of data destruction:

Data Deletion

The data deletion method is the least effective method of data destruction as the deleted files / data can easily be recovered.

Disk Reformat & Erasure

Disk Reformatting and erasure is one of the most common methods used on personal computers but it’s not effective enough for business computers.


Degaussing is the process of decreasing or eliminating a remnant magnetic field. Simple explained it uses a magnetic field to rewrite a hard disk drive, effectively rendering it blank. Degaussing is an extremely effective method for destroying disk drives but it doesn’t always work on solid state drives.

Physical Destruction (drill/cut/crushed)

Destroying a hard drive physically is definitely an effective method of data destruction. Someone would have to be very serious about getting your data to try and recover anything from a drive that’s been destroyed.

Hard Drive Shredding

Hard drive shredders have different gauges, the finer the gauge the smaller flakes a hard drive are reduced to. Hard drive shredding is one of the most effective data destruction process and one of the most expensive because of the equipment required.

Wipe / Overwriting Data

A hard drive wipe is an excellent method of data destruction. The disk is wiped clean of data by writing over the original information. A pass is the term used to describe the number of times data is overwritten. 7 passes are considered to be one of the best data destruction methods available and for those companies on a tighter budget it’s more affordable than shredding.

How to arrange the disposal of old business computers?

YBC is a fully certified computer disposal service provider. YBC provides a global IT hardware removal service that insures each disposal order to the sum of $10,000,000.00 as a standard. The YBC data destruction program offers secure, accredited and legal hard drive disposal as set by the US judicial system and laws. For help with hard drive disposal please contact the YBC ITAD data destruction team call 908 431 0090 or email INFO@YBC-ITAD.COM

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The YBC I.T. asset disposition service covers every make, model & manufacturer.

Recycle corporate laptops.

Recycle Laptop Computers

The following list shows the most commonly recycled ‘work place’ laptops that the YBC ITAD service disposes of:

  • Recycle business laptops
  • Recycle governmental laptops
  • Recycle laptops used for R & D
  • Recycle office laptops
  • Recycle sales team laptops
  • Recycle support team laptops
  • Recycle field engineer laptops
  • Recycle medical laptops
  • Recycle company laptops
  • Recycle corporate laptops
  • Recycle legal firm laptops
  • Recycle call center laptops

Click here for more information about recycling business laptops and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Recycle business pcs and computer hardware.

Recycle Office Computers

Listed below are the most commonly accepted computers that the YBC ITAD disposal solution removes and recycles:

  • Recycle workstation computers
  • Recycle desktop computers
  • Recycle tower computers
  • Recycle office computers
  • Recycle call center PCs
  • Recycle support team pcs
  • Recycle work computers
  • Recycle medical computers
  • Recycle company computers
  • Recycle corporate computers
  • Recycle business computers
  • Recycle customer center PCs

Click here for more information about recycling business PCs and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Award winning server recycling service.

Recycle Servers

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted computer servers YBC disposes of via recycling or reselling:

  • Recycle business servers
  • Recycle Cloud servers
  • Recycle data center servers
  • Recycle server room hardware
  • Recycle proxy server
  • Recycle mail server
  • Recycle server platforms
  • Recycle web server
  • Recycle application server
  • Recycle office server
  • Recycle ftp server
  • Recycle works servers

Click here for more information about recycling business servers and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Recycling service for I.T. network equipment.

Recycle Network Hardware

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted IT hardware YBC disposes of via recycling or reselling:

  • Recycle network cables
  • Recycle routers
  • Recycle repeaters
  • Recycle hubs
  • Recycle switches
  • Recycle bridges
  • Recycle gateways
  • Recycle wireless hardware
  • Recycle firewalls
  • Recycle modem
  • Recycle controllers
  • Recycle network hardware
  • Recycle I.T. hardware

Click here for more information about recycling IT hardware and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

FREE recycling for all android and apple smartphones.

Recycle Cell Phones, Mobile and Smartphones

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted telephones YBC disposes of via recycling or reselling:

  • Recycle Android smartphones
  • Recycle Apple smartphones
  • Recycle Samsung smartphones
  • Recycle Blackberry phones
  • Recycle Windows smartphones
  • Recycle smartphones
  • Recycle business smartphones
  • Recycle business phones
  • Recycle company smartphones
  • Recycle work phones
  • Recycle mobile phones
  • Recycle telephone systems

Click here for more information about recycling business phones and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Where to recycle used company office computer equipment?

Recycle Office Computer Equipment

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted office computer equipment collected & disposes of:

  • Recycle office workstations
  • Recycle office docking stations
  • Recycle office servers
  • Recycle computer monitors
  • Recycle LCD & LED screens
  • Recycle printers
  • Recycle photocopiers
  • Recycle external hard drives
  • Recycle keyboards & mice
  • Recycle UPS
  • Recycle iPads & tablets
  • Recycle server room equipment

Click here for more information about recycling office computer hardware and the latest disposal prices.

FREE data destruction

Digital Data Destruction Hard Drive Disposal

The following overwrite and degaussing standards are compliant with NIST 800-88 & available at YBC:

  • US DoD 5220.22-M
  • CCE & VS
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • FACTA standards
  • US Army AR380-19
  • US Air Force SSI 5020
  • US Navy SOP P-5329-26
  • US NCSC TG-025
  • 25k Degauss flux
  • & more…

Click here for more information about digital data destruction and the latest wiping and shredding prices.

Table computer recycling.

Recycle Android and IOS Tablet Computers

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted tablet computers YBC collects & recycles:

  • Recycle Apple iPad
  • Recycle Galaxy Tab
  • Recycle Surface Pro
  • Recycle HP Elite
  • Recycle Business iPads
  • Recycle company tablets
  • Recycle mobile devices
  • Recycle Thinkpad
  • Recycle Computer tablets
  • Recycle PC tablet
  • Recycle work tablets
  • Recycle business iPads

Click here for more info about FREE recycling for business tablet computer.


What is the best way to dispose of computer hard drives?

The best way to dispose of HDD or SSD memory storage systems is to have its data wiped or destroyed and its materials recycled. Hard drives contain toxic elements and chemicals that have resulted in a hard drive being classified as toxic e-waste. Legally e-waste must be recycled, it is the responsibility of the hard drive owner to ensure their hard drives are disposed of correctly. When it comes to computer disposal using a well-established, trusted and fully certified computer disposal firm, business or service is of paramount importance. The YBC ITAD computer disposal and data destruction service is a highly trusted, fully certified hard drive disposal solution that’s been established for 3 decades and is used by many Fortune 500 companies. For help with disposing of your company phones, tablet computers, laptops, pcs and servers we’d strongly recommend contacting the YBC ITAD team.

Do we need to recycle old hard drives?

Hard drives consist of metals, alloys, plastics, laminated composites and loads of toxic materials, which ultimately mean they must be recycled. Please do not assume that your trash collection company will accept and recycle any hard drives you’ve thrown out with the garbage. Servers, desktops, laptops, tablet computers and phones need to be collected and disposed of by specialist e-waste recyclers or certified IT asset disposition companies. YBC is both a computer e-waste recycler and a fully certified ITAD company. You can contact YBC to arrange the removal and disposal of your computer waste using the form above.

Hard drive and computer disposal near me?

Looking for hard drive and computer disposal near me or searching for computer recycling and data destruction services near me will ultimately lead to a ton of ads and millions of search results. This indicates that there is big money to be made in recycling your old computers and hard drives. The truth is the digital data destruction business is a booming industry, the need for legal hard drive disposal has never been higher. However, YBC was created 3 decades ago to help the business community to ‘do the right thing’ and recycle responsibly. YBC does it’s best to make their data destruction and computer disposal service FREE of charge for many of its clients. The mission at YBC is to recycle and in the process help businesses to develop their CSR policy to include a ZERO LANDFILL e-waste commitment. For help disposing of your business, organizations or firm’s computer equipment please use the form above.

How do I permanently delete files from a phone, tablet, laptop or computer?

The YBC standards for digital data destruction include the DoD, NSA, NIST and NAID level recommendations. These standards are compliant with the CCPA, GLBA, FCRA, FACTA, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, TCPA, FERPA, CFPB and many more Federal and State data protection laws. If your aim is to permanently delete files from a phone, tablet, laptop or computers memory we would strongly recommend contacting the YBC ITAD team for help. Please be aware YBC is a B2B service only, YBC can only help businesses or organizations that are looking to dispose of their decommissioned IT hardware, work phones, company tablet computers, corporate laptops, office desktops, servers, office printers and other such computer equipment.

Recycle office printers - Recycle company phones - Recycle business tablet computers - Recycle office PCs - Recycle corporate laptops - Recycle desktop computers - Recycle servers - Recycle I.T. hardware

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