Computer Recycling Companies Near Me

Searching for an ITAD provider by typing the words:
“Computer Recycling Companies Near Me”
into a search engine, can be likened to a game of Russian roulette.

By Chris Keenan

Published 02/28/2021

computer recycling companies near me

You are probably already aware of the considerable amount of controversy caused by the subject of computer disposal. There are so many news articles featuring companies that have been fined millions and even managers that have been imprisoned after failing to follow the stringent computer e-Waste and digital data destruction laws. You may have also seen photos and film footage of the environmental devastation caused from business computers and other toxic e-Waste being dumped irresponsibly in 3rd World countries. You would think the controversy would end there, but on top of all that there is a constant string of news reports about so called “Computer Recyclers” that have conspired to irresponsibly dump old computer equipment that they’ve been paid to dispose of correctly. All this ultimately leads any responsible CIO, IT manager or Facilities manager to ask one simple yet extremely prudent question, namely: “what places actually recycle business computers and IT hardware legally and ethically”?

Ultimately, the aim is always to have any IT hardware that your replacing ‘recycled correctly’ by a fully certified and well-established computer disposal company. However, recycling old work computers, desktops, laptops, servers, pc monitors and office printers is really just half the disposal process. When addressing the question of ‘how to recycle used business computers’ you also have to take into consideration the digital data protection laws. That means you are looking for a service that can recycle old company pcs and also wipe clean their hard drive memory in the same process.

computer recyclers near me

Finding a computer recycling company near you is easy, just by typing into a search engine: “places to recycle business computers”, you will get approximately 7,000,000 results and countless ads that all offer to recycle or buy your old company computers. With all that choice, which computer recycling company should you use? Ideally you want a fully certified computer recycling business; they need to be a computer disposal company that’s been in business for over a decade and ideally provide ITAD and computer disposal services to a well-established portfolio of Brand clients. Most good places to recycle business computers should offer IT hardware pick-ups and have their own fleet of removal trucks. In addition, a good place to recycle office pcs should have its own data destruction center. A data destruction center is a dedicated, secure data destruction facility providing hard drive wipes, disk shredding and degaussing. A good place to recycle business IT hardware should hold the following certificates: e-Stewards or R2 for e-Waste recycling, NAID for data destruction and ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 for good business practice.

If you are looking for a good place to recycle business computers near you YBC can help. The YBC ITAD service offers a Nationwide solution of fully certified and well-established places to recycle business computers and IT hardware. The service includes the removal and recycling of used company computers. YBC has been providing computer disposal services for 3 decades and is able to supply Five Star testimonies from many Fortune 500 companies. YBC is also fully certified with a ‘state-of-the-art’ data destruction facility, making YBC one of the best places near you to recycle company laptops, business computers, server room and IT hardware. For more information about recycling your business’s computer equipment please call 908 431 0090 or Email Us or use the form below:

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FAQ’s About ‘Places to Recycle Business Computers’.

What places near me recycle call center computers and IT equipment?

There are many places near you that accept and recycle computers, unfortunately most municipal recycling centers will not except IT hardware from call centers. They predominately recycle residential equipment. Furthermore, many of the companies that claim to be the ‘computer recycler’ nearest to your location are more akin to second hand computer stores and are not always properly certified to recycle call center computers and IT hardware. Your organization needs a professional ITAD service provider that has a history of recycling computers for call centers. It is imperative that the computer and networking hardware you are replacing is recycled in accordance with both State and Federal e-Waste disposal laws. YBC for example is both State permitted, R2 and ISO certified as a computer disposal company. In addition, YBC also provides a data destruction facility that offers both onsite and offsite hard drive wiping and shredding if necessary. This means all your call centers storage systems can be wiped simultaneously as your old computer systems are being recycled. In summary, the YBC ITAD service offers a data secure and environmentally friendly place near you that is capable of removing, recycling and providing data destruction for all your call center desktops computers, servers, laptops, telephone systems and other such IT hardware.

Who recycles business owned computer hardware?

Local authorities do not provide a recycling service for business owned computer equipment (e.g. desktops, workstation pcs and flatscreen monitors, laptops, tablet computers, network equipment and other such IT hardware). They will however offer a disposal service for residents with one or two computers and mobile devices. Corporate IT hardware disposal is left to the private sector to manage, however that’s not to say the computer industry isn’t heavily regulated. In fact, there are certification processes, permits and inspections that make computer recycling a very specialized and extremely accountable service. For example, the YBC ITAD solution provides a State regulated, R2 certified ISO accredited computer e-Waste recycling service that’s focused exclusively for businesses and organizations. YBC is 100% accountable for every computing device that passes through its facility, so much so that every standard computer recycling service is insured to the sum of $10,000,000 in liabilities protection.

What places remove and recycle Data Center hardware and servers?

The YBC ITAD removal and recycling service provides a dedicated resource for Data Centers in the USA to recycle their old DC hardware, e.g. the recycling of: servers, network equipment and data storage systems. The YBC computer recycling and data destruction facility is a highly secure place for data centers to wipe and destroy data storage arrays, HDD’s and SSD’s whilst recycling their servers and other such DC hardware.

Places near me to dispose of company computers, laptops, phones, printers and copiers?

If you are asking: “how do I dispose of old office printers and computers” you are no doubt looking for a place near you to dispose of company computers, laptops, phones, printers and copiers. By far the fastest, easiest and most accessible place to get rid of old company IT hardware is the YBC ITAD computer disposal facility. There are many residential recycling programs offered by companies like Target, Staples and Office Depot, however the YBC ITAD business IT hardware disposal solutions are exclusively for businesses. It includes the disposal of company laptops, work desktops, business tablet computers, etc. in a secure and fully certified place that ensures corporate privacy and data destruction.

Places to recycle work computers and business IT equipment?

There is a massive difference between the place a resident would recycle their pc, laptop, tablet and mobile phone and where a business would dispose of their unwanted IT hardware. Companies that recycle business computers need to conform to State and Federal e-Waste disposal regulations. In addition, businesses that recycle IT hardware such as office desktops, work laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones also need to provide secure data destruction. This is a process that permanently removes data, files, images, movies and folders from a storage device such as a hard drive, digital tape, CD or DVD, flash drive and solid-state drives.

The YBC ITAD e-Waste pick-up disposal service has been designed to recycle your old office printers, company phones, business tablet computers, office PCs, corporate laptops, desktop computers, servers and IT hardware - call the YBC ITAD computer removal and disposal team at 908 431 0090 or Email Us or use the form above CLICK HERE


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