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The YBC Data Center ITAD Initiative is in response to the UN Climate Change Conference request for businesses to reduce their CO2 emissions.

By Chris Keenan

Published 11/11/2021

It’s fair to say, to dream and innovate is at the very core of the human condition. Furthermore, to build a better future on the enlightened innovations of our past is probably one of our best characteristics. For example, you could easily claim that this age of modern information, was born from the invention of the printing press. For that matter, we could probably claim this age of modern technology began with the invention of the steam engine. But if we bring those two eras together, to talk about the age of Information Technology, then there is no question it begins with the invention of the computer.

Today, everywhere we go, billions of us all carry around a hand sized yet unbelievably powerful computer. Some call this computer an Android, others call it an Apple, but a staggering 6.378 billion of us all call it our smartphone. The phone industry is worth billions, upon billions of dollars & right in the middle of it all, powering the magic, fuelling the frenzy is the mystical entity known simply as the cloud!

The cloud gives us social media, messaging & movie streaming. We use it to store our family photographs, our films, to surf the internet and even when we make a simple phone call. Of course, there’s nothing really mysterious about the cloud, in reality it’s just thousands of data centers, running millions upon millions of servers. In fact, a smartphone uses so many servers that over the course of just 1 year, it is indirectly responsible for generating over half a ton of CO2 emissions. Could you imagine if your phone had a chimney pumping that gas out? You wouldn’t be able to take it anywhere – yet there it is, in reality generating unseen quantities of pollution.

As hard as this may be to believe, the average server produces close to 8 tons of CO2 emissions during its lifetime. Just to put that into context, 1 server has a carbon footprint approximately equivalent to driving 19,000 miles in a passenger car. It would take 91 acres of forest to absorb the CO2 footprint from just 10 servers yet hyperscale data centers usually have a minimum of 5,000 servers.

To reduce this dreadful level of pollution, many data centers are now using renewable energy to power their servers. But it’s not just powering a server that adds to your carbon footprint, manufacturing a new server creates almost 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide. In the first 3 months of this year 2.8 million servers were shipped globally adding a further 3.75 million tons of CO2 to our atmosphere, and that number is rising massively.

Should we really worry about our CO2 emissions, is climate change really manmade? As bizarre as this may sound in June 2021 it was hotter in Canada than it was in Death Valley! Meteorologists all around the world technically & irrefutably attribute this to manmade climate change. At one-point in 2020 firefighters were battling 106 largescale wildfires across western USA. In 2021 the East coast had its share of disaster too, with catastrophic flooding the likes of which had never been seen before.

In fact, the world’s 10 most costly weather disasters of 2020 saw insured damages worth $150bn. These same disasters claimed at least 3,500 lives and displaced more than 13.5 million people. Flooding, Fire, Famine and Death are not just affecting the 3rd world anymore, they are rapidly becoming the fatal future of the first world.

Events like the United Nations COP summit seem to just be reporting on the problem, not fixing it. The truth is, the problem is so severe that it cannot be left to governments, politicians, bankers & businessmen. We need someone who can make a real difference, someone that’s above power, above money & above all decisive. The bottom line is – we need YOU!

If you are working for a data center & responsible for its servers you can make the difference. In accordance with the request for help from the United Nations COP26 climate change summit, YBC has developed an ITAD program designed to help your data center reduce its server purchasing carbon footprint by as much as 50%.

Furthermore, the YBC Data Center ITAD program, has been designed to manage the disposal of decommissioned servers & IT equipment at a minimal charge. In fact, 80% of our clients already on this ITAD data center program, enjoy free removal, free recycling and even free digital data destruction.

To find out more please call our data center ITAD and server team at 908 431 0090 or Email Us or use the online form: CLICK HERE

Free ITAD computer call YBC for helpFor Help Call: 908 431 0090 or Email Us

Free ITAD computer call YBC for helpFor Help Call: 908 431 0090 or Email Us


The YBC I.T. asset disposition service covers every make, model & manufacturer.

Recycle corporate laptops.

Recycle Laptop Computers

The following list shows the most commonly recycled ‘work place’ laptops that the YBC ITAD service disposes of:

  • Recycle business laptops
  • Recycle governmental laptops
  • Recycle laptops used for R & D
  • Recycle office laptops
  • Recycle sales team laptops
  • Recycle support team laptops
  • Recycle field engineer laptops
  • Recycle medical laptops
  • Recycle company laptops
  • Recycle corporate laptops
  • Recycle legal firm laptops
  • Recycle call center laptops

Click here for more information about recycling business laptops and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Recycle business pcs and computer hardware.

Recycle Office Computers

Listed below are the most commonly accepted computers that the YBC ITAD disposal solution removes and recycles:

  • Recycle workstation computers
  • Recycle desktop computers
  • Recycle tower computers
  • Recycle office computers
  • Recycle call center PCs
  • Recycle support team pcs
  • Recycle work computers
  • Recycle medical computers
  • Recycle company computers
  • Recycle corporate computers
  • Recycle business computers
  • Recycle customer center PCs

Click here for more information about recycling business PCs and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Award winning server recycling service.

Recycle Servers

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted computer servers YBC disposes of via recycling or reselling:

  • Recycle business servers
  • Recycle Cloud servers
  • Recycle data center servers
  • Recycle server room hardware
  • Recycle proxy server
  • Recycle mail server
  • Recycle server platforms
  • Recycle web server
  • Recycle application server
  • Recycle office server
  • Recycle ftp server
  • Recycle works servers

Click here for more information about recycling business servers and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Recycling service for I.T. network equipment.

Recycle Network Hardware

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted IT hardware YBC disposes of via recycling or reselling:

  • Recycle network cables
  • Recycle routers
  • Recycle repeaters
  • Recycle hubs
  • Recycle switches
  • Recycle bridges
  • Recycle gateways
  • Recycle wireless hardware
  • Recycle firewalls
  • Recycle modem
  • Recycle controllers
  • Recycle network hardware
  • Recycle I.T. hardware

Click here for more information about recycling IT hardware and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

FREE recycling for all android and apple smartphones.

Recycle Cell Phones, Mobile and Smartphones

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted telephones YBC disposes of via recycling or reselling:

  • Recycle Android smartphones
  • Recycle Apple smartphones
  • Recycle Samsung smartphones
  • Recycle Blackberry phones
  • Recycle Windows smartphones
  • Recycle smartphones
  • Recycle business smartphones
  • Recycle business phones
  • Recycle company smartphones
  • Recycle work phones
  • Recycle mobile phones
  • Recycle telephone systems

Click here for more information about recycling business phones and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Where to recycle used company office computer equipment?

Recycle Office Computer Equipment

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted office computer equipment collected & disposes of:

  • Recycle office workstations
  • Recycle office docking stations
  • Recycle office servers
  • Recycle computer monitors
  • Recycle LCD & LED screens
  • Recycle printers
  • Recycle photocopiers
  • Recycle external hard drives
  • Recycle keyboards & mice
  • Recycle UPS
  • Recycle iPads & tablets
  • Recycle server room equipment

Click here for more information about recycling office computer hardware and the latest disposal prices.

FREE data destruction

Digital Data Destruction Hard Drive Disposal

The following overwrite and degaussing standards are compliant with NIST 800-88 & available at YBC:

  • US DoD 5220.22-M
  • CCE & VS
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • FACTA standards
  • US Army AR380-19
  • US Air Force SSI 5020
  • US Navy SOP P-5329-26
  • US NCSC TG-025
  • 25k Degauss flux
  • & more…

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Table computer recycling.

Recycle Android and IOS Tablet Computers

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted tablet computers YBC collects & recycles:

  • Recycle Apple iPad
  • Recycle Galaxy Tab
  • Recycle Surface Pro
  • Recycle HP Elite
  • Recycle Business iPads
  • Recycle company tablets
  • Recycle mobile devices
  • Recycle Thinkpad
  • Recycle Computer tablets
  • Recycle PC tablet
  • Recycle work tablets
  • Recycle business iPads

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