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By Chris Keenan

Published 17/11/2023

Most companies will either choose to recycle or sell their retired laptop computers. Working out whether or not to sell or recycle used business laptops is usually the responsibility of the IT manager, IT director or CIO. These IT executives in turn will tend to call upon YBC to help them professionally retire or remarket old laptops. YBC will aim to establish which decommissioned laptops still hold a good second-hand market value and which really need to be recycled.

In its capacity as an ITAD service provider YBC will recycle used laptops in accordance with Federal and State E-waste laws and in full compliance with R2v3 standards. When most businesses recycle their old laptops, they rarely understand why they need to. To help explain why its so important to recycle retired laptops YBC has listed below 5 reasons why your company should consider recycling old office laptops:

1. Environmental Impact: Computers, including laptops, are made up of various materials, some of which can be harmful to the environment. When laptops end up in landfills, precious natural resources like zinc, copper, and iron are lost forever. Additionally, laptops contain hazardous materials such as mercury, which can contaminate groundwater and soil. Just to clarify, exposures to mercury can damage the nervous system, kidneys, liver and immune system of humans. In fact, electronic waste pollution from laptops can be fatal to all life. YBC provides a sustainable laptop recycling service that aims to ensure zero E-waste through laptop refurbishment for reuse or 100% reclamation of a laptops’ reusable materials.

2. E-Waste: E-waste is the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. Globally, around 50 million metric tonnes of e-waste are produced every single year, with only 20% of it being collected and recycled. Proper laptop recycling helps reduce this waste. YBC is an R2v3 and ISO certified recycler of retired laptops once used by the business community.

3. Data Security: Worries about protecting data are one of the biggest reasons companies and organizations are hesitate to recycle old laptops. Before recycling, it’s essential to back up any important data, erase everything from the computer, and perform a factory reset. With that said, to ensure that business sensitive data is truly irrecoverable please contact YBC to talk through some of the many data wiping options they offer.

4. Resource Recovery: Laptop recycling involves dismantling the components (de-manufacturing) to extract reusable raw materials. For example, the main circuit board can be dismantled to extract metals, which are then used in new devices. Some laptop recycling services will shred the laptop as they believe this helps in easily identifying reusable materials, while other recyclers will use chemical and electrolyse treatments as they believe it’s a more though process.

5. Preventing Pollution: Recycling laptops prevents pollution by turning them into valuable sources of secondary raw materials for other electronic devices. This offsets the need for new metals and plastics. This might be upsetting to here but your old company laptops are worth very little money in terms of their material scrap value. Most laptop recycling companies will need to recycle thousands of laptops a week to remain profitable. If your company has 200 or 300 old laptops you might want to consider selling any laptops with a good second-hand value to cover the cost of recycling the others.

Sorting out old electricals and recycle them responsibly can seem like a daunting task for any IT manager or executive. YBC takes the pain out of laptop recycling and will manage every aspect of laptop disposal for you. The YBC laptop recycling service is in line with both State and Federal legislation and operates to both ISO and R2v3 standards. If you are looking for a business to remove and recycle your old company laptops call YBC today for help.

To find out more please call our head office 908 431 0090, or Email Us, or simply use the form below:

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The YBC I.T. asset disposition service covers every make, model & manufacturer.

Recycle corporate laptops.

Recycle Laptop Computers

The following list shows the most commonly recycled ‘work place’ laptops that the YBC ITAD service disposes of:

  • Recycle business laptops
  • Recycle governmental laptops
  • Recycle laptops used for R & D
  • Recycle office laptops
  • Recycle sales team laptops
  • Recycle support team laptops
  • Recycle field engineer laptops
  • Recycle medical laptops
  • Recycle company laptops
  • Recycle corporate laptops
  • Recycle legal firm laptops
  • Recycle call center laptops

Click here for more information about recycling business laptops and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Recycle business pcs and computer hardware.

Recycle Office Computers

Listed below are the most commonly accepted computers that the YBC ITAD disposal solution removes and recycles:

  • Recycle workstation computers
  • Recycle desktop computers
  • Recycle tower computers
  • Recycle office computers
  • Recycle call center PCs
  • Recycle support team pcs
  • Recycle work computers
  • Recycle medical computers
  • Recycle company computers
  • Recycle corporate computers
  • Recycle business computers
  • Recycle customer center PCs

Click here for more information about recycling business PCs and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Award winning server recycling service.

Recycle Servers

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted computer servers YBC disposes of via recycling or reselling:

  • Recycle business servers
  • Recycle Cloud servers
  • Recycle data center servers
  • Recycle server room hardware
  • Recycle proxy server
  • Recycle mail server
  • Recycle server platforms
  • Recycle web server
  • Recycle application server
  • Recycle office server
  • Recycle ftp server
  • Recycle works servers

Click here for more information about recycling business servers and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Recycling service for I.T. network equipment.

Recycle Network Hardware

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted IT hardware YBC disposes of via recycling or reselling:

  • Recycle network cables
  • Recycle routers
  • Recycle repeaters
  • Recycle hubs
  • Recycle switches
  • Recycle bridges
  • Recycle gateways
  • Recycle wireless hardware
  • Recycle firewalls
  • Recycle modem
  • Recycle controllers
  • Recycle network hardware
  • Recycle I.T. hardware

Click here for more information about recycling IT hardware and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

FREE recycling for all android and apple smartphones.

Recycle Cell Phones, Mobile and Smartphones

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted telephones YBC disposes of via recycling or reselling:

  • Recycle Android smartphones
  • Recycle Apple smartphones
  • Recycle Samsung smartphones
  • Recycle Blackberry phones
  • Recycle Windows smartphones
  • Recycle smartphones
  • Recycle business smartphones
  • Recycle business phones
  • Recycle company smartphones
  • Recycle work phones
  • Recycle mobile phones
  • Recycle telephone systems

Click here for more information about recycling business phones and the latest pickup and disposal prices.

Where to recycle used company office computer equipment?

Recycle Office Computer Equipment

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted office computer equipment collected & disposes of:

  • Recycle office workstations
  • Recycle office docking stations
  • Recycle office servers
  • Recycle computer monitors
  • Recycle LCD & LED screens
  • Recycle printers
  • Recycle photocopiers
  • Recycle external hard drives
  • Recycle keyboards & mice
  • Recycle UPS
  • Recycle iPads & tablets
  • Recycle server room equipment

Click here for more information about recycling office computer hardware and the latest disposal prices.

FREE data destruction

Digital Data Destruction Hard Drive Disposal

The following overwrite and degaussing standards are compliant with NIST 800-88 & available at YBC:

  • US DoD 5220.22-M
  • CCE & VS
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • FACTA standards
  • US Army AR380-19
  • US Air Force SSI 5020
  • US Navy SOP P-5329-26
  • US NCSC TG-025
  • 25k Degauss flux
  • & more…

Click here for more information about digital data destruction and the latest wiping and shredding prices.

Table computer recycling.

Recycle Android and IOS Tablet Computers

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted tablet computers YBC collects & recycles:

  • Recycle Apple iPad
  • Recycle Galaxy Tab
  • Recycle Surface Pro
  • Recycle HP Elite
  • Recycle Business iPads
  • Recycle company tablets
  • Recycle mobile devices
  • Recycle Thinkpad
  • Recycle Computer tablets
  • Recycle PC tablet
  • Recycle work tablets
  • Recycle business iPads

Click here for more info about FREE recycling for business tablet computer.

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To learn more about the YBC ITAD program and how YBC can help you recycle your laptops please contact the YBC ITAD & laptop recycling team for help: 908 431 0090 or email


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